Where To Start To Make Your Life Drama-Free

“Imagine a world where every MerPerson is equipped with the skills to interact graciously and consciously, no matter the tide.” -Corinna Shwozer, CEO of MerMapp. Drama is an affliction that is a part of all communities…but what if it didn’t have to be?

Xandria Wilcox

5/14/20242 min read

What is "Drama"?

Mermaiding is a hobby that comes with community; but with every community, there is conflict. You may have noticed it during your time as a MerPerson--perhaps you’ve seen arguments break out at an event, or small tiffs in comment sections becoming full-scale drama. This, of course, isn’t exclusive to the Merfolk community: groups of any size can run into drama if there’s a breakdown in communication. So how do you keep this breakdown from happening, and avoid causing problems where you don’t mean to? Let’s go over some basic tips that will help get you started on the road to a Drama-Free life.

-Confront yourself first, not other people

  • What sets you off, or makes you angry? Can you trace those triggers back to where they started? Sit with what makes you uncomfortable. Only then can you truly start dismantling those triggers.

-Reach out with Empathy

  • It can be difficult to approach disagreements with empathy. Sometimes, a friend might say that something you did upset them: but how do you respond? Learning to react, not with hostility and blame, but with the open-minded intent to understand each other’s needs instead of focusing on problems, can build your relationships and create bonding experiences instead of causing arguments.


  • Every heroes’ journey starts with an inciting incident; let this be yours. Commiting to self-improvement will take you a long way in learning the skills you need to resolve conflicts, both inside and out.

If a drama-free Mer-Community is something you would like to see, invest in both yourself and this community by taking the Anti-Drama Mermaid Course. The course doesn’t just teach you how to look inside yourself and be honest about where and how you can improve, it also gives you personal and professional skills that will help you be the ripple of change you wish to see in the world. Either way, the only one who can get you started on the journey to a Drama-Free life is yourself.

Three Places to Start