What Kind of Mermaid Are You?

Have you ever wanted a more accurate term to describe your mersona? Wish you had something that really explained how wonderful it was, something with more oomph than 'mermaid'? Then you should take this mermaid quiz, and find out what kind of mermaid you are!

Xandria Wilcox

3/26/20241 min read

Let's find out...

Your Mermaid origin awaits. This quiz is only 10 questions long which will decipher figuring out where your mermaid origins come from! There are a few different mermaid origins you can get; some mers may even get two if their answers come out 50/50, so let us know what you get, and as always, happy swimming!

Also - don't forget to share a screenshot of your results on social media and tag us with @mermaid.offical! If you're curious about your friends mermaid origin as well, please share the link so they can find their mermaid home ;).