SpringSplash: The Free-Flow Mermaid Meetup

Experience the magic of SpringSplash, a budget-friendly mermaid convention that truly captivates. Join our CEO as she explores lush natural settings, enjoys cost-effective fun, and connects with a vibrant community of pirates and mermaids. Discover insider tips, from navigating the event to maximizing your experience with unique courses and intimate gatherings. Dive into our full recap for an inside look at this enchanting event and get inspired for your next mermaid adventure!

Corinna Schwozer

5/8/20244 min read

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Our third MerConvention adventure this year took me, CEO and founder of MerMapp, on a solo trek to the enchanting Florida SpringSplash. While Julio, my ever-supportive merman, was exploring new territories on a separate trip, the thought of a mermaid gathering amidst the magic of nature filled me with excitement (tinged with a dash of solo travel jitters!).

A Budget-Friendly Adventure

One of the most obvious pros for the Spring Splash Meetup its affordability! The only cost to attend was the park entrance fee, making it a truly accessible event.

Insider Tip: Ginnie Springs gives out day passes and camp passes. A day pass will cost you up to $20 (depending on the season), last ones are given out at 4pm and you can only stay till half an hour prior to sun-down. Especially for an event starting on a Friday afternoon that doesn’t seem to be the best option. So I opted for a camping ticket for $30 USD which gave me two benefits: I could stay as long as I wanted on Friday night, return to the puppies I was doing a house-sit for and come back the next morning without having to pay extra entrance as those tickets are good till the next day before sun-down!

This all is a stark contrast to the often quite high price tags of other conventions, where entry fees can easily top $100, not to mention additional costs for parties and other activities.

Connecting with a big Pirate & Mermaid Crowd

Probably due to this great price, the attendance of the Meetup was really quite high!
Despite a lot of people still having to work on a Friday afternoon - there were about 40-50 roaring pirates greeting me when arriving for the Pirate Potluck which was a sight to behold! From savory to sweet - the goodies didn’t stop arriving, with a highlight of blue cupcakes, promising a touch of a mermaid-worthy blue tongue. Saturday saw an even larger crowd, with the Turkey Rooster pavilion overflowing with 150 or more merfolk! Yet, despite the numbers, the atmosphere remained remarkably intimate.

Perhaps it was the natural setting – a world away from the sterile convention centers of previous events. Nestled in a cozy campground, SpringSplash felt like a gathering of friends, united by their love for the water and the whimsical world of mermaiding; the focus was pure connection and the joy of being surrounded by like-minded souls and beautiful nature.

A large group of Spring Splash's Wonderful Pirates!
A large group of Spring Splash's Wonderful Pirates!

Springing into Spring-Fed Fun (Insider Tip: Arrive Early!)

Speaking of joy, the crystal-clear waters of Ginnie Springs were the real stars of the show. Here's an insider tip for all you savvy mermaids: arrive late Friday afternoon, when the springs are blissfully empty and the water wonderfully warm from a day of sunshine. It was pure magic to have the springs practically to ourselves – a truly unforgettable experience! Saturday, however, saw a surge in attendance, particularly as the Cinco De Mayo festivities approached. Be warned, the abundance of floaties meant navigating the water required some mermaid agility!

Learning and Sharing Under the Open Sky (Courses Everyone Can Enjoy!)

Something I truly enjoyed was the refreshing format of “courses” at SpringSplash: Instead of quantity, they focused on quality. With 5 officially scheduled informative events on the agenda (plus the Pirate Potluck and morning yoga on both Saturday and Sunday), everyone was fully engaged and attentive. This stood in stark contrast to other conventions where course givers, especially those on main stages, often struggled with low attendance. Here at SpringSplash, the intimate setting and focused schedule created a space where passionate merfolk could share their expertise and fellow mermaids could learn and grow. And did I mention that everything was free to attend? From interesting insights about mermaid-chiropractors (@the.mermaid.chiropractor), over the perfect mermaid make-up routine (@thecaspianmermaid) to the latest silicone mertail trends (@jurassicmerman) - it was a treat!

Mermaid Worthy Nighttime Shenannigans

While I couldn't stay for any of the nightly activities, the atmosphere that I got to see when leaving on Friday night was already electric. Fairy lights twinkled from tents, campfires crackled, and the promise of a night swim hung heavy in the air; that last part was to be held in the famous "ballroom" (a deep part of the springs perfect for diving and mermaiding) and I am sure the participants must have had a truly magical experience under the starry sky. Also for the second night there was a truly special item on the agenda: Carrie Wata’s (@carrie_wata) beautiful water ceremony, a tradition that emphasizes our connection to this life-giving resource. Perhaps this is something we can incorporate as a MerMapp community regular and do it online to keep the blessing of the water and our mermaid connection with it ever present - kudos to Carry for this beautiful idea!

A Celebration of Connection & Nature

SpringSplash was, without a doubt, my favorite MerConvention yet. It captured the very essence of the mermaid community: a deep connection with nature and a love for fostering friendships. A huge thank you to the organizers (@floridaspringsmermaids) for creating such an inspiring event. It's an experience we'll definitely try to recreate in Tenerife, bringing the magic of nature-infused mermaid gatherings to European shores! Imagine basking in the sunshine, surrounded by fellow merfolk, at breathtaking beaches – pure mermaid bliss!

Stay tuned for more Mer-adventures, and thanks for swimming along with MerMapp! We hope to see you, both online and at future events, as we continue to celebrate the magic of being a mermaid!

The Spring Splash Mermaid Meet-Up! Tails, Fins, and Mers of all stripes attended!
The Spring Splash Mermaid Meet-Up! Tails, Fins, and Mers of all stripes attended!
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