Planet & Donations FAQ

How do I add daily challenges myself?

It's very easy :) Go to the planet section from the home screen and then click on the yellow + button at the bottom right. The rest is just adding a title, image and description. More on that in the next FAQ.

I've added a daily challenge - why am I not seeing it on the app yet?

This is due to two things:
1. Your daily challenge first needs to get reviewed by our internal moderators to make sure that it's set-up right and goes along with our community guidelines. You can follow that process by checking its status via the filter and "show my content only". There you'll see your pending, approved and flagged daily challenges.
2. Depending on how many people are adding daily challenges, our internal logic picks a random daily challenge out of that pool of new daily challenges available. If it takes a bit longer for your daily challenge to show, it's due to a great participation of our mers, adding many daily challenges.

How do I show that I've completed a daily challenge?

You need to click on "Do & Show" of the daily challenge you want to participate in. Then, upload a picture that shows you doing the daily challenge or the result of having completed it or really any other picture that is related with the daily challenge. You can also optionally add a description that will be visible along with your picture.
Only other mers that have also participated in the challenge will be able to see your challenge picture as well.

I've done a daily challenge, but when I wanted to add my proof, it was already gone. Where do I find it again?

A daily challenge will show for 24 hours straight. There is a countdown timer below the button "Do & Show" that indicates how long it will still be the challenge of the day. The timer starts in UTC time zone, so it might be that when you're looking at it, it only has few more hours to go. However, worry not :). You can still participate in the daily challenge even after it is no longer the current challenge of the day.
Simply click on the upwards pointing arrow at the left top corner. This will bring you to an overview page where you see the current daily challenge and all the older challenges that have already been active daily challenges.

If there is something you have a question about that you don't find answered in the FAQ section, write to
I don't like the daily challenge that's currently on - are there others to do?

Totally! As we're so many on the app, there are for sure going to be days where you'd like to do a different daily challenge than the one that is being suggested on that particular day. So, just like mentioned in the question above, simply click on the upwards pointing arrow at the left top corner. This will bring you to an overview page where you see the current daily challenge and all the older challenges that have already been active daily challenges. Click into any of those other daily challenges that sound interesting to you and mermaid away :).

How should the daily challenges that I add look like?

Daily Challenges are there for two main reasons:
1. To inspire everyone to do something good for the environment and our world regularly.
2. To bring the mermaid magic int our everyday.
So based on this, please add daily challenges that go along with that spirit.

Also, another thing, it would be great to add this paragraph at the bottom of your daily challenge to help MerMapp get visiblity on Instagram and to help guide people on what they should be doing concretely:
"Take a photo of you doing the challenge, post it by clicking on ""Do & Show"" on the app and ideally also sharing it on Instagram with #MerMapp and tagging @mermapp.official.
If you have other cool ideas for challenges like this, add them and earn shells along the way on the app!"

I know of a great ocean project that helps the environment - can MerMapp help support it?

That's awesome! Yes - at the end of every month, MerMapp chooses an environmental project to which to give 4% of its profit. If there are many to choose from, we will do a poll on our Discord server so that the community can help decide. So feel free to either send an email straight to or go into our Discord chat (via the Chat bubble on the home screen), go into the #planet-projects channel and leave your suggestion there.

I keep seeing the same daily challenges on the app - is there an error?

It can be that during some stretches we don't have new daily challenges as not enough people are adding new things to the list. This is a community lead platform - so if nobody adds content, it's up to MerMapp's creator to add new ideas and that might take some while as there is always toooooons of other things to do ;-).
So in these cases, the app will simply circle through all the old daily challenges that there are until there is new things to show instead. So if you see this happening - how about adding your own daily challenges and give us something new to do! :)