How to Bring Mermaiding to Your Local Pools

Dive into a world where fantasy meets reality as we embark on a journey to bring mermaid tails into your local swimming pool! For those who find joy in the magical, the dream of tailing up while swimming is one worth pursuing. In this how-to, we’ll explore the art of approaching pool management, navigating potential concerns, and making a persuasive case for allowing mermaid tails to make a splash in your favorite pools and swimming holes!

Annie Hayes

2/13/20242 min read

To kick off your adventure, a bit of research on existing pool policies is in order. Start by checking online or simply inquire with the local pool staff about their regulations on appropriate swim attire! Understanding the rules is the first step toward reshaping them and turning your dream of tailing up while swimming into a reality.

1. Understanding the Landscape

2. Preparing Your Case

Now, it's time to get prepared. Reach out and connect with fellow mermaid tail enthusiasts in your local community! Consider crafting a survey within local groups to gauge interest and identify potential supporters.

Ensure you have essential documents ready, emphasizing the safety features of mermaid tails. Showcase the ease of shedding your tail and the improved swim ability with monofins. Share inspiring success stories from other pools that have seamlessly embraced mermaid tails.

Don't overlook the importance of addressing concerns proactively. Anticipate potential worries that pool management might have, and be ready to dispel them. Compile a list of concerns along with solutions and examples of other pools where mermaid tails have been successfully implemented without a hitch.

It's your time to make waves! Reach out to your local pool and request a contact person for discussing this exciting initiative. Make sure to jot down their email and send a formal meeting request, expressing your enthusiasm and eagerness to explore the possibility of allowing mermaid tails!

As you step into this meeting, keep a few key things in mind:

  • Grant the manager the floor to share their perspective first. Acknowledge and validate their decisions, regardless of whether you agree.

  • Despite potential frustrations, maintain a positive outlook, and steer clear of arguments. Creating a safe and open space for discussion is crucial!

  • Clearly articulate your vision and provide supporting documents. Be ready to address any concerns or questions that may arise. Together, let's turn your local pool into a mermaid-friendly haven!

3. Present a Persuasive Proposal

4. You've Secured Approval! Now What?

If you've made it this far, congratulations! Give yourself a well-deserved pat on the back. Remember, even if you don't necessarily see eye to eye with the established rules, adhering to them is crucial to opening up the potential for more flexibility in tail usage. Make sure to note down the manager's name; it might come in handy if a lifeguard raises any concerns.

Your pool is now a mermaid-friendly oasis, a place where the magical meets the real, and dreams of tailing up while swimming become a delightful reality. Be sure to add your new haven to MerMapp’s pools to enjoy an enchanting experience with other like-minded merfolk. So, with a heart full of joy and a tail ready to make a splash, dive into the waters of your newfound mermaid paradise.

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Happy swimming!