Dive Into a Whole New World: How MerMapp Changes Your View on Swimming

Explore the transformative power of mermaiding. Whether you're overcoming aquaphobia or seeking a deeper connection with the ocean, this post guides you through the emotional and cultural ties to water. Ideal for ocean dreamers and mermaid enthusiasts, it offers insights into making your aquatic fantasies a reality. Discover how MerMapp brings the ocean's magic to life, empowering you to embrace your inner mermaid or freediver.

Corinna Schwozer

10/21/20236 min read

From Sea to Shining Sea of Possibilities

Ahoy, ocean dreamers and landlocked merfolk! 🌊 Ever felt the ocean calling but something held you back? I'm Corinna, your friendly neighborhood mermaid and CEO of MerMapp, here to help you dive into the joy of the ocean and swimming — fins, fears, and all!

You see, I've always been captivated by the "under the sea" magic that makes us feel like we're part of a bigger, more whimsical world. I mean, who didn't watch "The Little Mermaid" and think, "Yep, that's the life for me!"? 🐠

Why Do We Fear or Find Swimming Boring? 🤔🌊

But why does something as enchanting as the ocean stir up a cauldron of emotions? Trust me, you're not alone. Whether it's a past experience or an irrational fear, we've all had our moments of hesitation. And that's okay.

There are quite a few reasons for avoiding the pool or the sea. For some, it might be a past experience that left a mark—maybe a close call in the water when you were a kid, or perhaps an embarrassing moment during swimming lessons. These experiences can create a mental block, a sort of "emotional anchor" that weighs us down and keeps us from venturing back into the water.

For others, it might be aquaphobia, a more intense, irrational fear of water. This isn't just a simple dislike; it's a fear that can trigger severe anxiety and even panic attacks. The mere thought of stepping into the water can be paralyzing.

The Cultural Currents That Keep Us Ashore 🌏

Interestingly, culture can also play a significant role in our relationship with swimming and the ocean. Take some Asian countries as an example. Despite being surrounded by water and having a rich maritime history, swimming is not universally taught or encouraged. In fact, a study by the World Health Organization found that drowning rates in some Asian countries are significantly higher than the global average, partly because swimming is not a common skill.

This cultural aversion to swimming is complex and rooted in various factors, from socio-economic conditions to traditional beliefs. For instance, in some communities, there's a stigma around women swimming, or it's considered a low-priority skill compared to academics. These cultural norms can create another layer of hesitation, especially for people who grow up in such environments but later find themselves intrigued by the ocean's call.

Bridging the Gap with Nature-Connectedness 🌿

But what if we could use the power of Nature-Connectedness to help lift that emotional anchor? To not just see the ocean as a vast, intimidating expanse but as a living, breathing entity that we're a part of? When we shift our perspective this way, the water doesn't seem so scary anymore. Instead, it becomes a space for healing, for reflection, and for forging a deeper connection with the world around us.

By understanding and addressing these psychological barriers, we can start to see the ocean not as a place to fear, but as a realm full of possibilities, ready to be explored. And that's where MerMapp comes in, to guide you on this transformative journey.

Unleashing the Mermaid Within: Where Childhood Dreams Meet Reality 🧜‍♀️

Remember those days when mermaids and underwater adventures filled your imagination? Well, guess what? That world isn't just for kids or confined to the realm of fantasy anymore.

Mermaiding: Not Just Child's Play 🐚

Mermaiding has grown from a whimsical childhood fantasy into a full-blown hobby and lifestyle for many. It's not just about donning a colorful tail; it's about embodying the freedom, grace, and connection to nature that mermaids represent. And the best part? You don't have to be a child or a Disney princess to be part of this world. Adults are embracing mermaiding like never before, and MerMapp is here to make that journey easier and more magical for everyone. From finding the right gear to connecting with mermaiding instructors, consider us your treasure trove for all things mermaid.

Think mermaiding or freediving isn't for you? Think again. With MerMapp, we make it easy and magical for everyone, regardless of age or experience.

The Magic of Freediving 🌊

However - how do you actually “become a mermaid”? Sure, it’s definitely fair game to dress up as a mermaid, have a mermaid party, eat things enhanced with blue spirulina or even put on a tail to swim a few rounds in the pool - the the real magic kicks in when you start being able to truly connect with the ocean and yourself. The skills of freediving is what can bring you to the next level here. It's not just a sport; it's a form of meditation and self-discovery. Imagine holding your breath, descending into the tranquil depths, and experiencing the ocean as you never have before. It's almost like having a superpower, isn't it? Freediving offers you the chance to explore that magical underwater kingdom in a way that's both exhilarating and deeply peaceful. And if you add a sparkly mermaid tail to it, it just adds that extra magical sparkle to it to make it picture-perfect.

The MerMapp Community: Your Nature-Loving Tribe 🌿

The journey to overcoming fears and embracing the ocean is not one you have to take alone. Community plays a pivotal role in this transformation. With MerMapp, you're not just getting an app; you're joining a tribe of like-minded, nature-loving individuals. This global community serves as your support system, whether you're looking to find local ocean enthusiasts, seeking advice on your mermaid journey and helps you overcome any fears you might have.

Your profile is your oceanic calling card, a space to express your unique connection to the sea. The chat feature serves as a lifeline to share experiences, struggles, and victories. But what truly sets MerMapp apart is its community-driven ethos. It's a platform that thrives on the active participation of its members, making it a treasure trove of oceanic wisdom and resources.

So, as we prepare to dive deeper into the world of MerMapp, let's hear from some of the people who've already taken the plunge. 🐬

Coraluna, Cyprus, 32, hobby mermaid: I didn’t have a great connection with water as a kid - I HAD to go to a swimming class just as that is mandatory in Germany where I grew up, but I hated it because it was too crowded and loud and scary. Later, as I didn’t live close to any bigger body of water, I just basically swam whenever we went on a holiday in the pool - because entering the ocean was too scary again with all the waves. Once, I even had one of these terrible experiences where you get into one of the waves, feel like in a washing machine and simply can’t get out. Not something I’d wish on anyone. But I always loved “The Little Mermaid” and its nature connectedness and fantasy aspect. When I stumbled on the mermaiding community in Florida, it was an eye-opener to me and I was suddenly motivated to go swimming again, work on my breath-hold, learn a few tricks and connect with the water element again! It truly has brought me so much joy again and MerMapp is there to make sure I keep engaging with it.

Kate, 29, UK, freediver: When I introduce myself to people and they ask me how I spend my freetime, I always joke that I’m a mermaid outside of work. However, I actually didn’t even know about the fact that there is something as amazing as mermaiding until I found MerMapp. I was dabbling in freediving before, so I definitely had the connection to water and the skills it takes to be such a graceful underwater mermaid - but adding that beautiful tail and shell bra to it, seeing all the mermazing accessories and styles you can explore, it really made me live out another part of my femininity that freediving was just not offering. MerMapp really helped me get all the information about what mermaiding is, where I can find good mermaid gear, find underwater photographers to make some awesome pictures for my social media channels and even helped me with just finding some freediving buddies to actually be able to go out and enjoy the lovely ocean.

The MerMapp Experience: How to Enter this Whole New World?

So what do you need to do if you want to enter in this beautiful world of ocean connectedness with MerMapp? Well, easy as one-two-three:

  1. Go to www.mermapp.com for the desktop version, here for Android and here for iOS

  2. Create a free profile

  3. Have a look around, click on the “Merfolk” bubble to check out whether there already other mers or freedivers in your area and click on the “Chat” bubble to enter our Discord server

After that, it’s smooth sailing, adding your own content, browsing what others have added and live out your ocean passion.

Your Oceanic Adventure Awaits 🌊🧜‍♀️

We've explored fears, reignited childhood dreams, and found a tribe that loves the ocean as much as you do. Now it's your turn to dive in. With MerMapp, living out your ocean fantasies and becoming a mermaid or a freediver isn't just a fantasy—it's a reality waiting to happen.

Ready to make a splash? Visit MerMapp.com and let your ocean journey begin. Your fins—and your tribe—are waiting. 🐬

See you under the sea! 🌊💙