Events FAQ

What kind of events can I post?

The event section is literally for anything that is going on in the ocean and mermaid world: festivals, conventions, competitions, parties, meet-ups, online or offline classes, online gatherings, master classes, retreats, beach clean-ups, street-parades, flash mobs - the world is your oyster ;-)

Why do I have to be premium to post an event?

The short answer: Because you're promoting something that you'll make money with and MerMapp is providing the platform for you to do it.
The long answer: MerMapp is a passion project - we don't have angel investors or anything of the sorts and we're paying everything that you can see on MerMapp ourselves and putting all our free time into this project. We need to somehow cover our costs and prethe premium feature is one of the ways that we can do that. Also, it seems fair that when there is a benefit you'll generate that you'll contribute something in return to the people that make that benefit possible in the first place. This is not based on a percentage of your benefit but you can get premium for as cheap as $30 a year - that's not even the cost of a fancy dinner ;-).

How am I going to get contacted if my event is marked as internally hosted & paid and I don't add a payment link?

Discord - that's the magic answer to everything here :). The "contact" button that people will see seeing your post will open a direct message with you on Discord. So make sure to connect with our Discord server to get these messages. For that, simply click on the "Chat" bubble on the home screen. Also - you can post as "my business account" which then additionally gives you the option of adding your business website so people can also contact you there.

Is there a waiting list for events with participation limits?

No :( right now we don't have a waiting list yet. This means, if you have a participation limit and someone that is marked as "going" has signalled that they won't come, please remove them from the list (following the same steps as in the answer 3 questions above, just in this case deselecting the box and saving) so that others can join.

I received a notification that my event got flagged - why?

If you've got a notification about your event having been flagged, you can click directly on the "Check out content" button which will lead you directly to the event in question. Otherwise, go to the events page, click the filter icon, then the "show my content only" and check out the "flagged" lowest of the page. Once you click into the event in question, you will see a red box below the image which tells you exactly why your event has been flagged.
Commen reasons are that it does not include an English description (we want to make sure that everyone on the platform understands what's inside MerMapp), that a link is broken or that it misses some more details. Another reason might be that it is violating our community guidelines or is not related to mermaiding or the ocean.

If there is something you have a question about that you don't find answered in the FAQ section, write to
I added an event - why am I not seeing it on the event page?

Before an event goes live, it has to get approved by our internal moderators that check that all the details are filled out and the event is following to our community guidelines. This normally takes only a few hours. During this time, you can see it when you click on the filter icon on the events page, click "show my content only" and look into the pending section. Once it has been reviewed, you'll get a notification about it, telling you whether it got approved or rejected. If it's approved, it will now be visible as long as it is active on the public events page. If it got rejected, it will be visible in the "rejected" section of your content area.

How can I mark someone as going to my event if it's a paid event?

When you have an internallly & paid or externally & paid event, you will need to actively manage the participant till now. This means, as soon as a person has paid for their ticket (either on the external event page or by contacting you via Discord for the internal one), do the following:
1. Go to your event (Events --> Filter --> "show my content only")
2. Click on the event in question to get to the detail page.
3. Click on the underlined participants --> This will get you to a member list.
4. Search for the person that has bought their ticket, tick the box next to them and save your selection with the button at the bottom.
Now the participant will actually be able to see the event location (online meeting or GoogleMaps link) so that they know where to go when it happens. So this is important to do.

I host a regular event that repeats weekly - how do I add that?

Right now, there is no way of creating an event "on repeat". However, there is an easy work-around for it:
When you create your event, only add a start date and not an end date, this will keep it in the event list forever. Secondly, add the repeating part into your title. For example "Mermaid Meetup every Monday at 11am" - and your starting date would be the first Monday it happens at 11:00am.

I've got an online course that never stops - how do I add that?

Similar to the answer above, the important thing is that you set a start date and not an end date and that you add the part "Online Course" into your event's title.

I want to create an event for my pod. How do I do that?

You can create events for your pods from two places - your pod detail page itself, clicking on the "Add Event" button or the main event page by clicking on the yellow + button. The only difference in the set-up is that if you start from the pod detail page, the event will automatically be marked as "pod activity". If you start creating the event from the Event's main page, you'll have to select that "Pod Activity" yourself as categor yto link it to your pod.

Who can see our pod events?

This depends completely on the fact whether you mark your Pod Activity as "only pod members can join" or not. Per default this is not the case and everyone can see the event - if you want to have it only for your pod members, please activate the toggle so that it shows turquoise.

I want to invite someone to the event I just created. How do I do that?

Right now there is not a super convenient way of doing this, however, you CAN do it under the following circumstances :)
1. the person you want to share the event with needs to be registered within MerMapp
2. if you're using MerMapp on a browser, simply go to the event you want to share, copy its URL & send it to the person you want to invite
3. If you're on Android or iOS, you'll need to go the manual route and tell the person in question the name of your event and they can enter it in the search bar of the events page and find it that way.