Connecting the Mermaid Community Globally

Dive into the transformative world of MerMapp and explore the depths of mermaiding, a hobby that's more than just fantasy. Learn how it empowers personal growth, fosters global unity, and contributes to ocean conservation. Whether new to the waves or an ocean veteran, discover how MerMapp connects you to a sea of possibilities and invites you to join a global movement for the love of our oceans. Uncover the ripple effect of mermaiding on your life and the planet in our deep dive into this enchanting community

Corinna Schwozer

12/3/20238 min read

The Mermaid's Challenge: Charting a New Course

While the mermaid hobby has gained notable popularity in regions like the US and China, propelled by influencers (affectionately known as "finfluencers" in mermaid circles) and major media portrayals, such as the new live-action movie "The Little Mermaid" and the popular Netflix series "MerPeople," its global presence remains uneven. This situation represents both an opportunity and a challenge within the mermaid community. Individuals typically find themselves in one of these three categories:

  1. The Natural Inclusion: For those fortunate to have connections with established mermaid enthusiasts, their journey into this enchanting pastime is smooth sailing. These individuals enjoy a seamless integration into the mermaid world, replete with diverse activities, much like effortlessly gliding with the ocean current.

  2. The Self-Guided Discovery: If you're a fan of fantasy realms (such as LARPs) or an avid ocean lover engaged in activities like scuba diving or freediving, you might have encountered mermaid events at dive centers or local fairs. This path, however, can be daunting, as you navigate through a sea of information online. The internet, with its vast ocean of Facebook groups and numerous brands promoting mermaid gear, can leave you adrift in a tide of confusion and overwhelm, challenging your resolve in pursuing this newfound interest.

  3. The Unfortunate Souls: In many parts of the world, mermaiding is still perceived as a fantastical element confined to fairytales and movie screens. Here, mentioning mermaiding often elicits responses of incredulity or disbelief, as people grapple with the idea of it being a tangible and engaging hobby.

This diversity in the global perception of mermaiding underscores the need for a cohesive and supportive community, bridging gaps between fantasy and reality, and connecting enthusiasts of all levels – from swimmers and scuba divers to seasoned freedivers – in their shared love for the ocean and the mermaid lore.

MerMapp: Navigating the Mermaid Realm

I myself fell into the category of "self-guided cumbersome discovery" as I stumbled upon mermaiding while travelling through Florida while looking for fantasy events in the region. I was absolutely mermazed seeing that this is a real possibility of passing your time and decided to create MerMapp as a guiding light to connect people from all over the world, geared for whatever experience level they find themselves in. It's a platform that brings together the fragmented mermaid community under one digital sky.

MerMapp's features are designed to simplify the mermaid experience for newcomers, help professionals to network, businesses to promote their unique mermaiding offers and everyone to naturally engage in regular fun environmental activities to use the power of mermaiding to raise awareness and promote a responsible ocean lifestyle. In a seashell - it's a one-stop-shop for everything related to mermaiding and the ocean.

Why should we promote mermaiding globally?

Some of you might ask themselves: "Don't we have a lot bigger problems on our hands than trying to make mermaiding a global thing?" The answer is: Mermaiding simply isn't just a mere activity to pass the time. It's something that brings both profound personal as well as global benefits that are worth diving into a bit deeper next.

How each of you can benefit personally from mermaiding

Mastering Self-Doubt & Belief in Possibilities: A Mermaid's Tale of Empowerment

The journey into the world of mermaiding often starts with a crucial leap of faith. This leap involves allowing oneself to believe in the power of possibilities and opening up to the unknown. Imagine yourself learning about mermaiding for the first time. For some of you, this article might be that initial encounter. Your reaction to this discovery can vary greatly, shaped largely by your mindset. If you're tethered to a closed mindset, influenced by societal norms, you might dismiss mermaiding as "child's play" or something beyond your capabilities. This perspective overlooks the opportunity to fulfill a common childhood fantasy: experiencing the ocean's depths as a mystical mermaid.

However, by embracing an open mindset and a willingness to explore new experiences, mermaiding can unveil a transformative new world. Beyond the physical challenge of mastering apnea — a crucial skill in both freediving and mermaiding — lies a mental challenge. It's about overcoming self-doubt and learning to trust in your body, as well as in the guidance of qualified instructors.

Mermaiding, therefore, teaches you to be open-minded, to venture beyond the familiar, and to embrace opportunities that might initially seem daunting. It's a journey that requires trusting in yourself and in others, fostering key life skills that extend well beyond the aquatic realm. These skills are invaluable and can significantly impact how we interact with each other, encouraging a more positive, supportive community.

In summary, getting into mermaiding isn't just about swimming in the ocean; it's about embracing life's possibilities and learning valuable lessons in self-trust and open-mindedness — skills that are essential for anyone and can lead to positive changes in how we connect with each other and the world.

Living an active MerLife

The transition from trying something once to integrating it as a defining hobby or passion often hinges on how deeply you can embed it into your daily life. This means being aware of various engagement opportunities within the topic and its community. Anyone who's embarked on a new hobby can relate to the initial uncertainty: Where do you start? How do you fit in when you're the newcomer in a class? Or even more daunting, where do you find the right class?

In the mermaiding community, these challenges are addressed by MerMapp, a platform that makes diving into the mermaid world as effortless as a graceful swim.

MerLocator: Your Compass to the Mer-Community

MerMapp's MerLocator is a global mapping tool pinpointing ocean enthusiasts worldwide, including those in your vicinity. It highlights fin-friendly pools and mermaid pods (groups of mer-enthusiasts) to facilitate connections with like-minded individuals. This feature turns the often solitary pursuit of mermaiding into a shared journey of discovery, bonding, and growth. With MerLocator, you’re not just finding a place to swim; you're discovering a community that shares your passion and understands the unique joys and challenges of mermaiding.

MerCalendar: Keeping the Mer-Spirit Alive

Then there's the MerCalendar, an indispensable tool for anyone looking to lead an active MerLife. Whether you're a local or a traveler newly arrived in a place, MerMapp gives you instant access to mermaiding events nearby. From conventions and local meet-ups to a variety of online and offline courses, the MerCalendar is akin to Meet-Up for ocean enthusiasts, ensuring you're always in the loop and connected with the mermaid community.

The Mermaid Guide: A Treasure Trove of Knowledge

For those who prefer absorbing knowledge through books, an exciting resource is on the horizon. Jeanette the Writer (aka @modern_mer), transitioning from a decade in scuba diving to becoming a mermaid instructor, has compiled a comprehensive guide to mermaiding. This forthcoming book, expected to release in 2024, is set to be an invaluable resource for anyone interested in delving deeper into the mermaid world.

Alongside discussing her book, Jeanette shares insights into the personal and global benefits of mermaiding in a recent interview. Don't miss this engaging and enlightening conversation:

Global Benefits: Fostering Sea Guardianship and Unity

By now it should already become apparent that the personal benefits we mentioned above are not something that stop at the personal level. Becoming more open-minded, learning to trust in oneself and others and connecting with people across the globe, united by a common passion is something that can have a positive impact on a global scale. In a world often divided by borders and beliefs and focusing too much on our differences than commonalities, mermaiding emerges as a unifying language spoken by those who share a deep love for the ocean. This shared passion transcends cultural and geographical barriers, creating a global community bonded by a common goal: the love and protection of our seas. It’s a movement that brings people together, fostering a sense of belonging and shared purpose.

Nurturing Ocean Advocates with MerMapp

I'm sure everyone reading this has had the experience of facing a problem that seems too big to solve or where you feel like you don't have a chance of making an impact. I have felt like this myself when looking at the problem of the pollution of the seas as well as global warming.

Coming across mermaiding gave me a new wave of energy as I saw the power that lies within the story of these mythical creatures - creatures of lore that can carry the story of having to care for our waterways to insure that not more creatures become mythical due to extinction!

Caring about mermaiding comes hand in hand with caring about the environment of mermaids - the ocean and water ways in general. It's just a question to motivate each one of these potential sea guardians to add their voices - their powerful siren songs - to raise the awareness of the importance of protecting the most valuable resource of this earth: water.

MerMapp's way of doing this is 4-fold:

The daily challenges on MerMapp serve as a constant reminder and motivation for users to contribute to ocean well-being. These challenges range from simple acts like saving water when showering to more significant commitments like advocating for marine conservation policies. Each challenge completed is a step towards a healthier ocean, and when done collectively, these steps can lead to a significant impact. Each member can add their own environmental ideas to this list of challenges - building a never ending source of ideas of how to contribute your own energy to this important cause and making it a fun activity that additionally ankers mermaid and ocean magic into your everyday life.

The second-hand bazaar makes sure to engage in mermaid fashion in a more sustainable and community oriented fashion. It doesn't only help your pocket but also is more agreeable with the environment.

MerMapp’s Service Exchange Hub is like Indeed for ocean professionals and the ones seeking their services. This however is not only a way to network and provide an easier form of making a living diving into your passion and getting paid for it. If you think this a bit bigger, it can be used as a forum for environmental education and advocacy where schools, kindergardens, companies can hire ocean professionals to educate on the critical need to protect our blue planet - whether that be in the form of a mermaid presenting to school kids, scuba dive instructors guiding excursions and exercises for team building and ocean awareness or leadership teams getting consultation on how to reduce their foot prints on the seas. It's a space where the mythical allure of mermaiding meets the critical reality of ocean conservation.

Lastly, MerMapp’s dedication to the ocean goes beyond fostering a community of mermaid enthusiasts. It’s a platform with a mission - to be a guardian of the seas ourselves manifested in its pledge to donate 4% of monthly net revenue to sea-saving NGOs. Through this initiative, MerMapp not only supports the ocean but also empowers its users to be part of a larger solution, bridging the gap between the enchanting world of mermaids and the real-world efforts to preserve our oceans. By aligning the mermaid mythos with tangible conservation efforts, MerMapp reminds us that we are all custodians of the sea, responsible for its health and longevity.

The Mermaid's Influence: A Call for Collaboration

As we conclude this exploration of mermaiding's global benefits, it's clear that this enchanting hobby is more than just a form of escapism. It's a call to action, an invitation to be part of a community that not only cherishes the ocean but actively works to protect it. Through platforms like MerMapp, the mermaid community is positioned not just as enthusiasts of the sea's beauty but as its dedicated guardians, playing a crucial role in shaping a better future for our oceans. It enables us to not only connect as individuals but also to open a treasure chest of opportunities for collaboration and community growth.

This siren call goes out to companies, influencers, and professional mermaids across the globe. MerMapp invites you to join forces, to enrich the platform with your unique expertise and content. Imagine a space where your knowledge of freediving, scuba diving, or mermaid lore could inspire thousands. Where your experience in watersports could help others navigate their own aquatic adventures.

The benefits of such collaboration are like the ripples on the water’s surface – far-reaching and transformative. For partners, it's an opportunity to engage with a passionate community, to share your passion for the ocean and sea, and to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of mermaiding. It's a chance to not just be seen but to make a significant impact.

MerMapp isn't just a platform; it's a movement. A movement that's gaining momentum, powered by the collective passion for the ocean and its mythical guardians. We're extending an invitation to you – be it as an individual enthusiast or as a representative of a brand or organization – to join this wave of change.